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Obama did not unveil Rochas Okorocha’s 2023 presidential campaign banner

Claim: A user on WhatsApp claims that Barack Obama, the former President of the United States, unveiled a banner of Rochas Okorocha’s 2023 presidential campaign to mark his support. 

The claim that Barack Obama, the former President of the United States, unveiled a banner of Rochas Okorocha’s 2023 presidential campaign to show his support is false. The alleged video was doctored from an actual video of Obama unveiling a portrait of himself at the Smithsonian Institute back in 2018. 

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A video making rounds on WhatsApp has a claim that former President of the United States, Barack Obama, has unveiled a banner of Nigerian politician Rochas Okorocha’s 2023 presidential campaign to show his support. 

The 30 seconds video clip depicts Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama, seated in what appears to be a public gathering. Soon after, the former president was welcomed on stage to unveil an alleged portrait of Rochas Okorocha’s 2023 presidential campaign.

Rochas Okorocha is a senator representing Imo West Senatorial district at the 9th Nigerian Senate. He is also the former governor of Imo State, who has several times contested for the presidency.  

A portion of the acclaimed video depicting Obama unveiling the banner of support for Rochas 2023 presidential aspiration 

Although the source of the video could not be traced, Rochas Okorocha’s campaign website is boldly inscribed on the acclaimed portrait. 

Rochas official campaign website containing same picture as of the acclaimed banner

The relationship between politicians shares no bounds. However, this particular banner unveiled by Obama in support for Rochas was questioned by multiple users on WhatsApp. “This video is edited abeg. Obama does not even know who Rochas is,” one user wrote in a WhatsApp group.

Similar questions in different forms ensued, but in summary, they all seem to seek one answer.  Did Obama really unveil a banner of Rochas to show his support for him? 


DUBAWA uncovered that the alleged video was doctored to fit into the acclaimed narrative. While it was true that Obama was at an event and unveiled a portrait,  analysis of video on InVid video verifier showed it was not the campaign banner of Rochas Okorocha but a portrait of Obama that was  presented  to him in 2018 at the Smithsonian Institute. 

The actual unveiling event was covered and shared on the Smithsonian Institute YouTube page with the detail:

“The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery unveils its commissioned portraits of former President Barack Obama and Mrs. Michelle Obama by artists Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald, respectively. Remarks by President Obama and Mrs. Obama, Smithsonian Secretary David Skorton, National Portrait Gallery Director Kim Sajet and artists Wiley and Sherald.”

The actual video that was doctored to fit Rochas campaign banner into the portrait


The alleged video of Obama showing support for Rochas Okorocha’s 2023 presidential aspiration is fake. The clip was doctored, and it is not in any way related to Rochas or his political aspirations.  

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