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No evidence these Military trucks are heading to SouthEast as Facebook user claims

Claim: A Facebook post claims the image of a military truck convoy was headed for SouthEast Nigeria.

Dubawa’s findings show there is not enough evidence to ascertain what vehicles these are in the image and the location.

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On Monday June 7,2021, a Facebook user @Fola Adekeye shared the post of Akinde Oluwasogo which claimed military trucks in the image are heading to SouthEast Nigeria.

Screenshot of Fola Adekeye’s Facebook post.


Dubawa conducted multiple reverse image searches. Our Google reverse image search led to different Twitter posts. 

The first post by Major General Ezeaka Chidozie Ishola Buharideen (@Ezeakachidozie) shared an image of this convoy claiming “A convoy of Nigerian Army logistics with a fleet of G12 Innoson guntrucks behind”.

This post was made on May 15, 2020 and has 20likes and 6 retweets.

Screenshot of @Ezeakachidozie’s Twitter post.

The second result of the google search led to the Twitter post on May 15, 2020 by Sam Hart (@hartng) hailing the Nigerian Army for patronising Innoson vehicle with images of an Inosson truck and that of the Convoy in this claim.

“Kudos to the Nigerian Army for patronising Innoson Vehicles.

Note that the Nigerian Army orders the boots for its personnel from Aba.”

Excerpt of Hart’s Twitter post caption.

Screenshot of @hartng’s Twitter post.

Another result showed a Twitter post on August 28, 2020 by Innoson Vehicles (@innosonvehicles) speaking about it’s partnership to produce vehicles for the military but none of the images attached looked like the convoy image.

Screenshot of @innosonvehicle’s Twitter post.

Our google search also led to a Facebook post by History, News AnD FaCt villagers which hailed the Nigerian Army for patronising Innoson vehicles.

In this post the image contained two vehicles, on the left was a truck with Innoson clearly written on it while on the right was the same truck shared by Mr Adekeye.

Screenshot of the Facebook post.

A Tineyey search did not yield any result.

Screenshot of TinEye’s reverse image search result.

Our Yandex reverse image search brought up different results. 

Screenshot of Yandex reTineye search

No match found 

One of Yandex search results led to a May 14, 2020 post on China’s defense blog which described the struck as an IVM G12 utility vehicle  (Gun jeep) in a military logistics vehicle. 

Screenshot of China’s blog report.

Another Yandex result led to a report by AutoJosh on May 15, 2020, noting these images were fighting vehicles produced by Innoson for the Nigerian Army. Going through the pictures we observed the trucks in the pictures were different from the convoy trucks alleged to be heading to the SouthEast.

Screenshot of AutoJosh report.

Dubawa also conducted an analysis of the image using the InVid tool and did not find any exif data or anything tangible to work with.

Screenshot of Invid image analyses.

IVM G12 Military Vehicles

Dubawa went ahead to research the IVM G12 military vehicle as one of the reverse image search revealed and found that the IVM G12 Military Vehicle is a variant of the 1/2 or 3/4 ton BJ2022 4×4 “Brave Warrior” Utility Vehicle manufactured by BAIC Motor under Beijing Auto Works (BAW).

A look at pictures of the UVM G12 of Beijing and that of Innoson shows both trucks which are similar but look nothing like those alleged to be heading SouthEast.

Screenshot of Beijing and Innoson IVM G12.

Screenshot of Beijing and Innoson IVM G12.


Dubawa’s research and findings show there is not enough evidence to ascertain what vehicles these are in the image and the location of the image although we could ascertain the image is not new as it has been in circulation before 2021.

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