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TRUE! There is a place called Abeokuta in Jamaica

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Claim: A Facebook page post that there is a place in Jamaica called Abeokuta. 

TRUE! There is a place called Abeokuta in Jamaica

Verdict: TRUE! According to a blog post and other reports, there is a town called Abeokuta in Jamaica. A YouTube video also shows the place with its brief history.

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Abeokuta is known for its historical rocks and the serenity and refuge it provided during the war in 1817. Abeokuta is the capital city of Ogun State in southwest Nigeria. It is situated on the east bank of the Ogun River, near a group of rocky outcrops in a wooded savanna. 

There have been different claims in the past, stating that the name Abeokuta can be found in two African cities. Konga Pay, a Facebook page posted on August 6, 2023, shows a town in Jamaica called Abeokuta.

The page claims that the town was founded by former slaves from present-day Ogun State who were brought to a plantation in that part of Jamaica. The post was labelled as a Nigerian Fact most people are not aware of. 

Reacting to this, a Facebook user, Janet Itunu, in the comment section said, “NO!!! I won’t believe that #ImustVerifyThis,” while another user, Ifeanyi Ability, feels it is a great feat for Nigerians. He wrote, “This is to tell you that Nigerians are great people.” 

The different reactions to the Facebook posts of the claim made DUBAWA investigate the claim. 


We did an advanced search on the location of Abeokuta and found out it is in a town in Negril

The town of Abeokuta, Nigeria, has been directly linked to Abeokuta in Jamaica for over three hundred years. This occurred when the first slaves taken to the Parish of Westmoreland were brought to this Plantation from Abeokuta, Nigeria. The Park occupies 13 acres of land on a hill that was the original Plantation Yard.

Abeokuta is a beautiful unspoiled natural Jamaican Attraction that has been a breathtaking and rejuvenating experience for guests locally and internationally. There is nothing like Abeokuta on the entire island, and the closest place to this is Abeokuta in Nigeria.

The Park was officially opened on January 5, 2003, by the Nigerian High Commissioner, Florentina Ukonga.

Yorubaness, a blog dedicated to talking about the Yoruba heritage, posted that according to Professor Wole Soyinka in the book, ‘You must set forth at Dawn’, Bekuta is the corrupted name of the city of Abeokuta in Nigeria. The place was named Abeokuta by slaves because of its rocky hills served to remind settlers of home, and one of the hills is said to share semblance, especially in its size with that of Olumo.

TRUE! There is a place called Abeokuta in Jamaica
Image of people at Abeokuta in Jamaica. Image source: Jamaicatravelsandtour.

In 1990, when Mr Soyinka visited the dying town, he met an old woman who narrated how generations had preserved the tradition from his homeland in Africa. The single old woman who kept the village alive had died by Mr Soyinka’s second visit, and so was Bekuta.

We also saw a YouTube video of people visiting the place and gave a brief history of the place.


There is a town in Jamaica called Abeokuta because of its resemblance with the Olumo rock in Nigeria. It is located in Negril.

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