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TRUE! Tunji Adeleke is Osun State’s LGSC board chairperson

Claim: An Instagram user posits Tunji Adeleke as the new Chair of the Osun State Board of Local Government chairpersons.

TRUE! Tunji Adeleke is Osun State’s LGSC board chairperson

Verdict: True! It was confirmed officially by the party’s spokesperson and in a statement by the governor. 

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Following the appointment of Ademola Adeleke as the governor of Osun State, the governor has been mandated by the constitution to appoint commissioners that would serve in the State Assembly. The Osun State House of Assembly pointed out that the governor forwarded a list of 25 commissioner-nominees for screening and confirmation on July 7, 2023. 

Tunji Adeleke, the son of the late Senator Isiaka Adeleke and cousin of popular Nigerian singer David Adeleke, known as Davido, was rumoured to be part of this appointment. Mr Adeleke, who finished at Adeleke University with a major in Business Administration, was said to have been appointed the board chairperson of the Local Government Service Commission (LGSC).

The controversy trended on Instagram when @osunconnect reposted a screenshot from Twitter where a user said, 

“Congratulations to Tunji Adeleke as chairman of Osun State Board of Local Government. This disgrace is getting too much.”

The post has garnered 109 likes and 40 comments since it was shared on July 20, 2023, with people having differing opinions.

@iamwolexbee_ wrote, “I really do not understand the disgrace that happened to him. I do not see a big deal in giving an appointment to a family member so far he is capable of doing the job right”.

Another user, @abubakrea, said he is very disappointed with the administration. 

The post’s virality, the controversy it’s generating, and the personalities involved made us investigate the claim. 


We conducted a keyword search that led to news reports by different media outlets and Premium Times showing an article that revealed that 25 names were received for the position of commissioners and another request for the appointment of 25 special advisers. 

The report quoted a statement by the governor’s spokesperson, Olawale Rasheed, in which the governor congratulated the new appointees.

We also contacted the spokesperson of the governor’s party, the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), Oladele Bamiji, who confirmed Mr Adeleke was appointed the board chairperson of LGSC.

Mr Bamiji said this is because Mr Adeleke is a bonafide son of the soil and can be appointed chairperson. More so, his father was the late Senator Isiaka Adeleke. 

He added that as the Board chair, he would be in charge of seeing the affairs of the local government and contributing to the good governance of the state. 

“I know Mr Adeleke will do well and contribute positively for the good of the people in Osun State. He will make us proud,” Mr Bamiji added.


Our findings show that Tunji Adeleke was appointed as the board chairperson of the Local Government Service Commission. This was confirmed by different media outlets and the Spokesperson of the governor’s political party.

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