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WHO not recruiting as Facebook post claims

Claim: A Facebook post claims the WHO is recruiting.

The claim that the WHO is recruiting is false as the WHO has distanced itself from the website that made the claim and any recruitment activity.

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A Facebook post by Recruitment Trust claims the World Health Organisation is recruiting with a link to access what it described as the “WHO Recruitment 2020 Form and Portal Registration”.

The post, made on November 6, 2020, has been recirculated on Facebook. The post by Recruitment Trust has so far generated over 7,000 reactions, 478 comments and 472 shares.

“World Health Organization (WHO) job recruitment Apply Now https://bit.ly.2XnJq1H

Excerpt of the Facebook message.

Screenshot of the Facebook post.


Dubawa first observed that the link provided did not contain the organisation’s names like all its official websites do. 

Dubawa, however, went ahead to follow the link which led to another page with a pop-up message saying, “Hi! Hey! We’re Hiring Now! Are you looking for a job?” This message also gives two options to answer Yes or No.

After closing the pop-up message, different jobs were listed at different points from August 19, 2020, to January 8. Positions listed include: National consultant, programme management officer, external relations/resources mobilization (EXR) officer, etc.

Screenshots of the Website linked to the Facebook post.

When Dubawa visited the page again using the same link, an error message was displayed, saying it was a bad gateway. This also questions the credibility of the site.

Error message displayed on the recruitment page.

Dubawa also reached out to its partners at the WHO who denied having anything to do with such recruitment or the website.  “We have no relation with this website,” the organisation said.


The claim that the WHO is recruiting is false and misleading as the organisation has denied any recruitment activity and distanced itself from the website that made the claim.

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