Women Cannot Get Pregnant from Sperm Released in Swimming Pools

A news report suggests that strong sperm can impregnate women in swimming pools.

Sitti Hikmawatty, the source of the claim, apologised for her misleading comment amid backlash from the media. Snopes also suggests that claims such as this are not new and the science does not add up; sperm will not survive inside chlorine water.

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On February 28th, TheNation published a report with dire implications. The publication featured a statement made by Sitti Hikmawatty, Indonesian Child Protection Chief. Per the news report, Sitti said a certain kind of strong sperm is capable of impregnating women in swimming pools. 

Her statement is premised on the possibility that men get sexually excited by women in the pool, therefore, ejaculate and impregnate any lady that has reached the age of being sexually active. The claim has been subjected to mockery as seen here.

This notion calls for scepticism as coitus sometimes doesn’t even guarantee pregnancy; not to mention an activity devoid of intercourse.


We checked and can confirm from reports that Sitti did make the statement, TheNation attributed to her. However, our findings also show she has since retracted her statement. 

A report by the Independent UK showcases the backlash the Indonesian Chief faces, as citizens call for her resignation. A doctor and Influencer retorted that the Commissioner should have opted for silence in matters unknown to her.

Opinions not facts

Additionally, the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) executive, Nazar said it is impossible for women to get pregnant in a swimming pool. He added that the water in swimming pools contains chlorine and other chemicals in which sperm cannot survive. 

excerpt from Jakarta Post

Finally, Sitti herself did apologise, distancing her personal notions from her office as the Commissioner for health, narcotics, and addictive substances. She further implored the public to desist from further sharing her misguided allegations.  

“I apologise to the public for giving an incorrect statement. It was a personal statement and not from KPAI. I hereby revoke the statement,” she said. “I plead with all parties not to disseminate it further or even make it available” 

Sitti Hikmawatty
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