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Concocted video claims Turkish President insulted Buhari over #EndSARS killings

A viral WhatsApp video claims the Turkish president insulted president Muhammadu Buhari over #EndSARS killings 


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Following the increasing number of casualties from the ongoing #EndSARS protest and reactions from different individuals and institutions, a viral WhatsApp video has come up with a claim that the Turkish president in a video insulted President Muhammadu Buhari over killings. The 30-second video captured a man attacking president Buhari and raining curses while questioning his religion.

“Buhari I am telling you, I am calling you from Instabul, I am calling you from Turkey, stop killing the people. Are you crazy? You idiot, you are a crazy man, what are you doing, which kind of religion do you believe in…”

Excerpt of the viral video message

Screenshot of Viral WhatsApp video.


A quick look at the video showed the person speaking in the video was not the Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan.

Screenshot of Turkish President’s photo.

A keyword search led to a Facebook post by Shadys media which shared a video that could not be viewed with the caption; Turkish president insults Buhari. The post also had a Youtube link embedded in it which led to an unrelated video.

Screenshot of Facebook post by Shadys media.

Screenshot of youtube page linked to the Facebook post.

Dubawa also conducted Keyframe analysis of the video and google reverse image search of these frames. This showed the video was used on a Facebook post by Biafra News Channel on April 14 with the caption “a message to Buhari from a Turkish Diplomat stop killing Biafrans please share this video share wide”

Screenshot of a Facebook post by Biafran News Channel.

Another result of the reverse image search showed the video had also been used by African Tube on Facebook on March 31 noting Turkish Man comes hard for Buhari.

Screenshot of the Facebook post by African Tube.


The 30-second video is an old video that has been recirculated and is in no way related to the #EndSARS killing nor the president of Turkey which was said to be the one speaking in the video. The claim is false.

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