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Contrary to claim, pidgin not compulsory course at Delta State University

Claim: Delta State University has made Pidgin language a compulsory course for its students.

Verdict: False; both students and staff of the institution have refuted this information. 

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Whether students should be taught in their local languages has been a topic of argument among Nigerians.

Campus Catch Nigeria, a Facebook blog, recently posted that Delta State University (DELSU), in Abraka, Delta State has now made Pidgin language a compulsory course.

Consequently, this claim has resurrected the age-long debate among Facebook users. While some thought it was a commendable move by the institution, others argued about its usefulness.

For instance, Eli Jah Gwazah, believing this information as accurate, said it would promote the image of Nigeria.

“That’s a development having something of our own being recognized and taught in schools,at Least it shows that there’s glimpse of hope but I don’t understand why people be laughing or finding it funny,” he wrote in the comment section.

Similarly, Caleb Abiala wanted a similar approach in the southwest, saying “Wow, I think Yoruba too should be made compulsory for schools in the southwest… Opinion though.”

On the flipside, Ifechukwu Joseph, another user in total expression of doubt, typed, “This same Delsu where I they?” 

Due to questions that his comment raised, DUBAWA decided to check the authenticity of the claim.


We contacted Mr Joseph whose comment warranted this fact-check in his Facebook DM. As a 400-level Microbiology student in the school, he refuted the claim, calling it a lie.

“It’s nothing but a lie or a social media joke to stereotype Deltans and their love for Pidgin English,” he told DUBAWA.

Similar to Mr Joseph’s stance, Ekporo Caroline, a recent graduate from this institution, also debunked the assertion. She termed it as “false news.”

Likewise, Dr. Uche Esegwue, an academic staff of the institution, disproved the claim. He said, “The official training language in DELSU is English.”

Also, DUBAWA contacted Ben Nwanne, the Director of Information at the institution. Like others, he debunked the claim saying, “No, that’s absolutely untrue.”


Both students and staff at the institution have denied this information. Conclusively, it is an untrue assertion.

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