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COVID-19 Still Without a Cure

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A Facebook post suggests that a scientist in the United States has found a cure for coronavirus. 

There is currently no cure for COVID-19. A breakthrough suggesting otherwise would warrant notice of international TV coverage; not a mere social media posting or blog site. 

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In a string of never-ending falsehood relating to COVID-19 would-be cure comes this Facebook post.

The image further stated that the US President Donald Trump will officially make the announcement of the breakthrough vaccine cure on the 29th of March(Sunday).

The post further says Roche Medial company, the supposed company that was found the vaccine will launch it on the 29th of March.


Firstly, Dubawa sent a mail to Roche Medical information service so as to ascertain the veracity of this viral image; lest individuals use this “success story of the vaccine”, inadvertently defying government orders of complete lockdown.

Soon after, we received a prompt response from Roche’s group debunking the Facebook post. Without mincing words, Roche Group Media Relations said that they are not in the vaccine business. Rather, they developed a PCR test for tracing COVID-19.

A PCR test means Polymerase chain reaction(used for HIV); this test is used to screen blood and to detect very early infections in humans within a short amount of time.


There is currently no cure or vaccine for Covid-19. Peradventure a cure or vaccine surfaces, the appropriate authorities will announce it’s existence. Until then, Dubawa advises the public to strictly adhere to churned out guidelines, rules and regulations by federal authorities. It is for your safety and to prevent infection.

Temilade Onilede is a researcher and the Programme Assistant for Dubawa, Nigeria. She holds an undergraduate degree in Performing Arts From the University of Ilorin, Ilorin Kwara State. She is a trained journalist, with good research and writing skills, coupled with her knowledge in Journalism; a personable character and an engaging mind who is well skilled in the field of fact-checking and verification.

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