Despite evidence, Abia politician who made Twitter verification claim asks for ‘proof’

A Nigerian politician, who made a claim on Twitter verification, Obinna Nwosu, has questioned DUBAWA’s fact-check, although without substance.

Mr Nwosu, who is aspiring to become Abia State governor, had claimed that he was the first politician in Abia State to be verified on Twitter. In February 2022, Mr Nwosu made this claim while celebrating the receipt of his blue badge.

A fact-check by DUBAWA, however, showed that Mr Nwosu is not the first Abia State politician to be verified on Twitter. Mao Ohabunwa, a senator at the 8th assembly had his account verified in 2017.

DUBAWA’s editor Kemi Busari (@ kemi_busari) on Friday March 18, 2022 shared this check tagging the claimant to draw his attention to the error.

Screenshot of Tweet by Kemi Busari.

However, Mr Nwosu, replied to this tweet, stating that not enough evidence was provided by the fact-checker. 

“Adequate proof was not provided by Lois” he commented

Mr Busari responded with the screenshot of DUBAWA’s finding, using the wayback machine and asked if this screenshot was evidence enough or not. But Mr Nwosu has yet to respond.

Screenshot of comment section under the Tweet.

The writer of the check, Lois Ugbede, said she expected more from someone who is seeking to represent his people in the Federal House of Representatives. 

“It is surprising that even with the glaring evidence Mr Nwosu just wants to be right,” she said.

Recently, the fight against misinformation by exposing inaccurate claims has received positive feedback, including with the withdrawal of false claims by claimants following fact-checks by DUBAWA.

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