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Dubai is not the most visited place in the world

Claim: ‘Dubai is the most visited place on Earth.’ – Talk Show host.

Verdict: Dubai is not the most visited place on Earth; Paris, the Capital of France, is.  

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A famous radio talk show host in Liberia, Weekie Brooks, claimed that Dubai is the most visited place in the world.

Mr Brooks hosts a popular early morning radio show, “The Morning Ride,” aired on Kool 91.9FM and carried live on the station’s Facebook and online TV.  

Dubai is not the most visited place in the world
Journalist Weekie Brooks. Photo source: Kool 91.9FM live Facebook

During the show’s Friday, January 20, 2023 edition, Mr Brooks said, “Dubai is the most visited area on planet earth.”

Mr Brooks claimed whilst discussing the troubling phenomenon of Liberian passports in the hands of foreign nationals and the culture of corruption by Liberian officials. He alleged Dubai had become the most pleasurable destination for corrupt African leaders.

Mr Brooks claimed at 1:4:55-59 seconds of the over two hours show. The show was live on the entity’s Facebook page/online TV and had over 500 viewers, over 20 comments, two shares and over 30 emojis.


Dubai has, over the years, established itself as the preferred destination with great tourist attractions. But it is one thing for a country to attract lots of tourist interest, and it’s another to be declared the world’s largest tourist destination. DUBAWA, therefore, decided to explore the data behind the most visited countries and tourism destinations across the globe. 

Where is Dubai?

DUBAWA searched to discover more about the famous Arab city and discovered that Dubai is the most populous city of the seven cities within the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

As popular as it may be in the UAE, is Dubai the most visited destination globally?

DUBAWA found a news report published by Cable News Network (CNN) in December of 2022 titled “The world’s top city destinations for 2022.” Dubai is ranked second to Paris, France.

According to the report, before the outbreak of COVID-19, when the index ranked leading destinations by the number of international arrivals, the list was dominated by Asian destinations, with Hong Kong and Bangkok leading the pack.

“But now, for the second year running, Paris has held onto the top spot in the Top 100 City Destinations Index 2022, while eight out of the top 10 cities are its European neighbours.” the CNN report revealed.

The CNN report stated, “Dubai once again was number two on the list, but took the top spot regarding actual international arrivals. More than 12 million inbound trips were made to Dubai this year – almost double last year’s performance. This would have been helped in no small part by the delayed Expo 2020 Dubai, which ran from October 2021 to March 2022.”

Also, according to a December 7, 2022 report published under the caption top 100 city destinations index by Euromonitor International, Paris is again ranked first over Dubai as the world’s most visited place

Under this report, “Paris accelerates to once again claim the title of the world’s top city in 2022, closely followed by Dubai, which retains its second position. The Top 10 rankings see the hegemony of European destinations, with only Dubai and New York challenging the status quo this year.”


Based on all of the searches conducted by DUBAWA with evidence from well-known international sites, Cable News Network (CNN) and Euromonitor International, it is safe to conclude that Dubai is not the most visited place in the world, but rather Paris, the Capital of France, is currently the world’s most visited place.   

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