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False! Kogi State University not giving students free food

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Claim: A Facebook blog posted that Kogi State University (KSU) feeds its students “soup and fufu” before morning lectures.

False! Kogi State University not giving students free food

Verdict: Students from the school confirmed that the pictures used to depict the narrative were not recent. Likewise, the school administration informed DUBAWA that the institution has never implemented a “free food policy.”

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Campus Catch Nigeria, a Facebook blog, recently posted that Kogi State University (KSU) now serves “fufu and soup” as breakfast to its students before lectures. Two images of students with their plates of “fufu” in a spacious hall were used to support the assertion.

Fufu” is a starchy food made out of fermented cassava. Commonly known as “Akpu,” eating this food for breakfast still remains a debate among Nigerians.

This claim has sparked diverse discussions among other Facebook users, raising doubts in many, like Enikanolaye Ridwan, who asked in the comment section, “Is this true?”

Yah’ya Saka, tagging another friend, also questioned the efficacy of this information. “Na true?” he queried.

Outrightly believing the claim, Ada Chukwudi, another user, has resolved to rewrite the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination to benefit from this free food.

She wrote, “Kogi All the way. I go write rewrite jamb.”

This post has generated over one thousand likes, 218 comments and 41 shares. DUBAWA decided to fact-check this report due to the controversies it has stirred.


We contacted multiple students from the school, and they confirmed this claim to be false.

Miriam Omede, a 300-level Law student, told DUBAWA that Kogi State University has not been serving them breakfast.

“It’s not true. I saw a post about that too. I guess it’s an event that was held a long time ago,” she said.

Ms Omede, however, could not provide further details about the time such an event took place.

Similarly, Julius Chijioke, a 200-level student in the Economics department, debunked the information, saying, “It is a lie. My school does not have the capacity to do that yet.”

Consequently, we initiated a telephone call with Dr Adetunji Adegoke, the dean of student affairs at Kogi State University, who discredited the circulating narrative.

He informed DUBAWA that Kogi State University does not run a “free food policy,” highlighting that students are responsible for sourcing their meals.

“The university does not operate a free food policy, nor do we have a cafeteria run by the university on its own. It is the students who provide for their food.  We don’t operate any free food policy or run any cafeteria. They are all run independently, and they have a standard cafeteria here and there. Is there any university operating a free food policy?” he said.


Our findings invalidated the tale. The administration of Kogi State University has affirmed that they have neither introduced nor are presently conducting any free food policy.

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