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Five Articles Debunking Myths About Women And Babies

  1. Myths And Facts About Vaginal/Breast Care

Should You Be Worried About Vaginal Cancer? Is Soap Really Harmful For Your Vagina? Can You Wear A single Pad For An Entire Day? These questions and more have been answered in this article. Click here to read.

  1. All You Need To Know About Jaundice: Types, Causes, Symptoms

Contrary to popular belief that jaundice only affects babies, this article shows that adults can suffer from jaundice too. Read it here

  1. Does A Woman’s Brain Shrink During Pregnancy?

A Twitter user claims that a woman’s brain shrinks during pregnancy and needs up to six months to grow back to its normal size. How true is this statement? Click here to find out.

  1. Is Teething Really A Sickness? Here Is All You Need To Know

Many Nigerians attribute symptoms like stooling, vomiting or high temperature in a child to teething. Some even go as far as recommending concoctions or medications, but this is usually not good practice. In this regard, here is all you need to know about teething.

  1. Sucking A Woman’s Breast Will Not Reduce Her Risk Of Breast Cancer

Social media users and many online portals have circulated stories that suggest that the suckling of breasts, especially by spouses or partners, can reduce the chance of breast cancer in both men and women, but is this true? Find out here

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