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Five Articles On Internet Scams To Help You Stay Safe

  1. Scammers Posed As Zenith Bank’s Twitter Help Page To Defraud Unsuspecting Customers 

In this article, DUBAWA identified some pages on Twitter operating under the guise of Zenith Bank and defrauding unsuspecting customers. It showed how these scammers work, the sad testimonies of their victims, and why it is so hard to trace them. Read the full story here.

  1. Scammers Used Old Photos Of Sick Child To Defraud Victims Online 

Here, Miss Hubert Nkanu’s pictures were circulated by some users on social media to solicit help from people. Her pictures were shared with a story suggesting that she is suffering from kidney cancer. However, when DUBAWA checked, it found the little girl was healthy and the pictures in circulation were old pictures recirculated by scammers. Read Miss Hubert’s story here

  1. A Sophisticated Network Of Fraudsters Pose As Vanguard News Websites To Swindle Users

DUBAWA investigated a parody website that was impersonating the Vanguard newspaper with a Dangote news story to mislead members of the public. Findings show the website is fake and although it contains Vanguard emblems and logos; the URL differs totally from the original Vanguard website and Vanguard URL. Read the article here. 

  1. Scammers Used Ailing Teenager’s Pictures To Defraud People

A secondary school girl, Miss Praise Olugola was preparing for WAEC when she developed a sinonasal tumour. Unfortunately, in the family’s move to get funds for medication, 17-year-old Praise became a tool for online scammers to utilise in defrauding people. Her details which the family had earlier shared online to solicit donations from the public were edited by scammers to divert help from her. Read her story here

  1. Internet Security: What You Should Know About Unverified Links Shared On Social Media Platforms

With the influx of information and the apparent fraudulent activities on the internet, it is important to arm yourself with all that is necessary to make informed decisions and to keep safe while using the internet. In this regard, click here to know how to protect yourself, your device and your social media accounts.

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