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Image purported to be President Boakai’s 100-day deliverables, doctored!

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After the pronouncement of official results by the National Elections Commission, declaring  President Joseph Boakai Sr. winner of the November 14, 2023, Presidential Run-off elections, the president addressed a team of Journalists in an interview at his residence. 

During the interview, he revealed his plans for areas he has earmarked to work on and issues he intends to resolve during his first 100 days in office as President of the Republic of Liberia. 

These areas included making the deteriorated Southeastern roads motorable whilst improving agriculture. The promises for the President’s 100-day deliverables were reported by the New Republic and New Dawn Newspapers

It has been over 100 days since the president officially ascended the throne on January 22, 2024. 

From this backdrop, a Facebook user, Ma Annie Son, posted a photo of a deteriorated road in the Costa Show, purporting to be the current condition of the road under the President’s 100-day administration. 

The claimant alleged that the road conditions have worsened during President Boakai’s 100-day period. 

“No car will get stuck in the mud, but it will sleep there,” the poster said. 

Image purported to be President Boakai’s 100-day deliverables, doctored!

Screenshot of the post. 

The post generated 84 reactions and 145 comments at the time of this writing. In the comment section, some agreed with the claimant’s post, while others argued that he was being used to spread fake news. 

This mixed reaction to the claim led DUBAWA to conduct a fact check. 


DUBAWA first conducted a Google Reverse Image Search to find the photo’s origin but found no trace. 

Secondly, DUBAWA used Forensically, an image verification tool, to authenticate the image. The research results indicated that the image was doctored.  The image’s forensic verification shows a high-level error on the tool’s error-level analysis. Also, information about when and which device the image was first captured is unavailable, which proves that the image was screenshot and edited. 

Furthermore, a recent report released by Naymote Partners for Democratic Development (an independent organisation monitoring the president’s promises) reveals an improvement in road construction and rehabilitation, as promised by President Boakai in his 100-day deliverables. The report on road improvement can be found on page 1, paragraph 4, under Sector Highlights. 

“Notable progress has been made in road infrastructure projects across the country,” the report said. 


Our research shows that the image is not related to a current road in Liberia, so the claim is false.

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