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Legislation Shows LASTMA Can Indeed Make Arrests!

CLAIM: Sanwo-Olu warns that the duty of LASTMA is to manage traffic and not to arrest anyone; claims Facebook page

FALSE: There is no evidence that Babajide Sanwoolu made the claim. More so, credible media reports as well as legislation negate the claim. And finally, the numbers appended proved fruitless! 

Full Text:

 A Facebook page- Eko Traffic posted this:


The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA)  is responsible for the management, control and regulation of traffic in Lagos. While noble in its intent, the application of said regulation can be a tad tricky. This is evidenced by cases of extortion and bribery; as well as disciplinary actions being taken against LASTMA officials. Such instances have resulted in retaliatory actions by indigenes involving assault.

Interpretation as to whether the jurisdiction of LASTMA entails arrest has since been debated. Recently though, the LASTMA, CEO – Chris Olakpe – cleared the air in this regard citing, the 2012 Lagos Traffic Laws. Nonetheless, claims surrounding these issues still persist.


First, Dubawa tried calling this number- 08129928600, but it was not available. The verification app, Truecaller, confirmed it was a LASTMA line. The second line- 08129928550 was a personal line addressed to a Wale Musa. He told us it was a “wrong number”.

Next, we referred to the Lagos State Traffic Laws- 2012

Section 1- subsection 2 states:

“In the exercise of the functions conferred on the Authority (LASTMA), officers of the Authority shall have the power to arrest where appropriate and allow the alleged offender to pay the fine stipulated for the offence under this Law.”

Lagos State Traffic Laws- Section 1; subsection 2

Additionally, Section 22- subsection 1 gave the police as well as LASTMA power to arrest a driver on the highway.

“A Police Officer or an officer of the Authority may arrest without warrant a driver of a motor vehicle on a highway, who within his view commits an offence under Sections 20, 21 or 23 unless the driver either produces his licence to drive or produces other evidence of his identity acceptable to the Police.”

Lagos State Traffic Laws- Section 22; subsection 1

It’s so last year… 

The original post was traced to this Facebook page which was uploaded on June 18, 2019. However, the authenticity of the page is questionable; as it does not possess the mandatory tick required for pages of public interest. More so, the disparity in logos (profile picture) is evident.

Also, reports by TheCable and PM News further negate the claim. On June 14- 2019, said reports explain how the governor charged LASTMA to arrest anybody that failed to obey traffic laws. In his words:

 “If anyone breaks the law and he says he is a brother to the governor, tell him to call the governor to pay for the offence.
“Lagosians expect a corrupt-free LASTMA that will not be collecting bribes. Be respectful and courteous even when you are going to arrest an offender
“Lagosians want LASTMA that is decent, they want neatness. We don’t want laziness and lateness to work. Be my advocates.”

Babajide Sanwo-Olu


There is no evidence Babajide Sanwoolu made the claim. More so, credible media reports as well as legislation negate the claim. And finally, the numbers appended, proved fruitless! 

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