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NEC staff not scanning cards of disenfranchised voters

Claim 1: Social media influencer Martin Kollie has alleged agents were sent to scan voters’ cards in a NEC database and pay the voters US$30.  

Verdict: Misleading


In verifying the claim, The Stage Media (TSM) first discovered that there was indeed an ongoing scanning of voter cards. However, it was part of the voting process even though the election was non-biometric. In an interview on Spoon TV, NEC communication director Henry Flomo explained that the scanning process does not disenfranchise or threaten the voter. 

The voter’s card scanning does not cancel a person’s information from the system or transfer their vote to another person. 

“We are not having digital elections,” he noted. An IT specialist, Dorbor Brown, told TSM that the scanning of the voting card only provides information already stored on the card, which will help the voting system. However, TSM could not authenticate the amount of US$30 allegedly given as scanning fees.

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