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Sierra Leone’s 2023 elections: Purported ill-health of APC Leader, false!

Claim: A  pro-government Facebook user alleged on his page that Dr Samura Kamara – APC Presidential Candidate, has informed his party leadership that he’ll discontinue his campaign because of ill health. 

Verdict: The APC’s current National Publicity Secretary has told DUBAWA that their presidential candidate is neither sick nor has he, at any point in time, informed the party’s leadership of his intention to discontinue his presidential campaigns ahead of the June 24, 2023, polls.

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On Monday, 6 June 2023, a famous Facebook user by the name “Fatorma Sam Bolt” authored a post on his Facebook page claiming that the main opposition party – the All People’s Congress (APC) presidential candidate for June 24, 2023 polls has informed the party’s leadership of his intention to discontinue his political campaigns as a result of his poor medical condition.

The claimant noted that the APC presidential candidate — Dr Samura Kamara is down with a “chronic cold” due to his campaign in the rains ahead of the crucial June 24, 2023 polls.  

The claim made by the Facebook user reads in part: 

“Samura Kamara has finally made it clear to the leadership of the APC that he will not be able to end the campaign due to his health status.” 

The release adds:

“I need to take a break to attend to medical treatment,” adding that Dr Samura Kamara has disclosed his intention to take a break from the campaign for him to attend medical treatment. 

“. . .the APC leadership, especially NAC members, have told Samura Kamara that if he mistakenly boycotts the campaign at this crucial time, they will burn down his houses all over the country,” he noted. 

Considering the controversial nature of the comment and its level of engagement on social media, DUBAWA decided to verify the claims, particularly when the scheduled polls are barely a few days away.


In the bid to fact-check the claim by the Facebook user, the Fact-checking Team tried to contact people closer to Dr Samura Kamara to verify the claim. 

WhatsApp conversation between APC – NPS and DUBAWA 

Fortunately, DUBAWA was able to get the newly elected National Publicity Secretary of the All People’s Congress (APC) party – Sidi Yayah Tunis, via his Whatsapp account on Wednesday, 7 June 2023. 

Responding to DUBAWA’s questions concerning the health status of the APC presidential candidate, and his supposed intention to end the campaign, Tunis told DUBAWA that the particular claim made by the Facebook user —  ‘is false’, adding that even the highest decision-making body of the party, has not met for the past three weeks to make or discuss any issue within the party.  

The national publicity secretary continued that their candidate is poised to end the campaign strongly. He said Dr Kamara is busy engaging with different members of the International Community (IC) ahead of the polls scheduled to hold later this month. 

Mr Tunis stated that the said post is false, tagging it as “SLPP machinations.”

A photo grid of the WhatsApp conversation between DUBAWA and the APC – national publicity secretary, Sidi Yayah Tunis.

DUBAWA equally reached out to the Facebook user to find out his source of information but did not respond to the questions he posed.

Screenshot of the message DUBAWA sent to the Facebook user via his WhatsApp account.


The claim that the APC presidential candidate for the June 24 polls is down with ‘chronic cold,’ and will take a break from his campaign to attend to medical treatment is false. Checks by DUBAWA from APC persons closer to the APC leader show the claim is without basis. 

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