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  • Is LAUTECH tuition cheapest in South-West as claimed by Gov. Makinde?

    Claim: The Oyo State Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde recently claimed that the fees charged by Oyo State owned Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) is the lowest in the entire South-West of Nigeria.

    Governor Makinde’s claim that LAUTECH tuition fees is the lowest among state-owned universities in the South West of Nigeria is incorrect.

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    The Governor of Oyo State, Engineer Seyi Mainde, claimed recently that the fee charged by the Oyo State owned Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) was the lowest in the South-West of Nigeria.

    He said this on Tuesday, 1st of June 2021, while announcing a 25 per cent reduction in school fees for students of LAUTECH, Ogbomosho, during a brief interaction with the students at the school auditorium in Ogbomosho.

    According to a statement by the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, Makinde said he was thankful to the students for according him warm reception despite the impromptu nature of his visit.

    He also stated that he was happy to fulfill the promise of securing the sole ownership of LAUTECH for Oyo State.

    Makinde said: “I am glad to be back among you. After the 2019 election, I should have returned to say thank you to you but I didn’t want to come until I fulfill what I promised you, which is the sole ownership of LAUTECH by Oyo State.

    “I am still coming back to spend the night here and we will really celebrate then but I can leave you with a parting gift for today. Let me tell you, the LAUTECH fee is still the lowest in the entire South-West. Having said that, I will reduce your fee across board; whether indigenes or non-indigenes, even new students. There will be a reduction of 25 per cent across board.”

     The Situation before June 1st 2021

    The Guardian newspaper of the 1st of June 2021, quoting the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), recalled that ‘hitherto, students of Oyo state origin paid =N= 140,000 while non indigenes paid =N= 170, 000.’

    A check on the fees portal of the website of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology shows the following fees paid by both indigenes of Oyo State and non-indigenes for 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 sessions:

    Tuition Fee For 2017/2018 Set (Indigene)=N= 120,000:00
    Tuition Fee For 2017/2018 (Non-Indigene)=N= 150,000:00
    Tuition Fee For 2018/2019 Set & above (Indigene)=N= 140,000:00
    Tuition Fee For 2018/2019 (Non-Indigene)=N= 170,000:00

    This indicates that the fees for both indigenes and non-indigenes had been increased in the last three years, and these fee regimes obtained up to the June 1st 25 percent reduction by the Governor, and his claim that LAUTECH fees were the cheapest in South West Nigeria.

    With a 25 percent slash in the fees, and when implemented by the Institution, Oyo State Indigenes will pay =N= 105,000 (with =N= 35,000 shaved off their fees) while non-indigenes will pay =N= 127,500 (with =N= 42,500 off the fees regime obtainable before the Governor’s proclamation). 

    Verifying Gov Makinde’s Claim

    The Governor’s claim has prompted a survey of fees payable by fellow state owned Universities in the South West.

    The Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU), Ago-Iwoye is owned by the Ogun State government. Although OOU fees are not readily available on the website of the Institution, but a check on a website that focuses on tertiary institutions students needs and aggregates the fees charged by Nigerian universities, gives the 2021 fees on the bases of faculties as follows: Faculty of Agriculture (77,870.00), Education: Arts and Social Sciences (82,372.00), Engineering (116,296.00), Law (132,996.00) and Medicine (176,396.00)

    For the Osun State University, basic tuition fee for non-science courses includes 130,000 (190,000 with other charges), Nursing/Law 195,000 (265,000), and Medicine 550,000 (630,000).

    Ondo State University of Science and Technology (OSUSTECH) charges 30,000 for state indigenes (making 100,000 when other charges are added) and 60,000 for non-indigenes (150,000) for sciences/agriculture, Engineering 70,000 (150,000), 100,000 (200,000 for non-indigenes) for the 2021/2022 Academic session. Similarly, a check on the other Ondo State owned institution, Adekunle Ajasin University (AAUA) Akoko-Akungba indicates that the institution charges 120,000 (Science and Management Sciences), 100,000 (Agriculture), 80,000 (Arts and Education), and 150,000 (Law) as fees payable by all returning students for the 2021/2022 session.

    As of March 2021, the Ekiti State University (EKSU), also in the South west of Nigeria, charges 140,600 fees for the 2020/2021 session. This amount includes tuition and other charges.

    For the Lagos State University (LASU) students in the Arts and Social Science pay 113,250 for fresh students (86,750 for returning students), Law and Sciences 115,750 (88,250), Engineering 115,750 (143,250 for returning students).

    Comparing Fees Across Southwest Nigeria

    A comparative examination of the fees charged by all universities in the Southwest of Nigeria shows that Olabisi Onabanjo University Ago Iwoye charges between 77,870 and 176,396 (about the same with LAUTECH), Osun State University 130,000 to 550,000 (higher than LAUTECH, Ondo State University of Science and Technology (OSUSTECH) 30,000 to 60,000 (lower than LAUTECH), Ekiti State University (EKSU), 140,600 (at par with amount paid by indigenes at LAUTECH), Adekunle Ajasin University (AAUA), 80,000 to 150,000 (the maximum fee is somewhere between what indigenes and non-indiges pay at LAUTECH),  and Lagos State University (LASU) 113,250 to 143,250 (far lower than LAUTECH).

     Highlights of average fees charged by state-owned universities in the Southwest  


    Governor Makinde’s claim that LAUTECH tuition fees was the lowest among state-owned universities in the country, especially in the South West is incorrect, as there are state owned universities in the South west like EKSU and LASU which charge fees lower than, or in the region of fees obtainable in the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, LAUTECH.

    The researcher produced this fact-check per the Dubawa 2021 Fellowship partnership with Splash FM 105.5, Ibadan, to facilitate the ethos of truth in journalism and enhance media literacy in the country.

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