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The FactChecker – Five Fact Checks You Should Share With A Friend

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  1. Video Shot In Ghana Used To Depict Support For Atiku

A viral TikTok video is being shared with the claim that young people in  Adamawa State are out to show their support for the candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar. However, DUBAWA discovered that the video was taken during Bugum Chugu, a fire festival that takes place in Ghana and has nothing to do with politics in Nigeria. Read here.

  1. Recurring Conspiracy Theory Claims COVID-19 Vaccines Infect Users With HIV

A viral WhatsApp message claims the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has admitted to HIV being part of the COVID-19 vaccine. The message also claims that the smallpox vaccine introduced by the World Health Organisation is not safe because they are responsible for several AIDS infections. These claims are NOT TRUE. Findings show the claims are baseless and, therefore, FALSE. Read more here.

  1. Can Babies Be Grown In A Bag Instead Of Womb?

A Facebook user, Chief Yuma, shared a post claiming that babies can be grown in bags and announcing the technology has been used for many years. The claim is FALSE. Babies cannot be grown in a bag. DUBAWA’s fact-check reveals that the bio bag designed to help preterm babies survive has only been carried out on lambs. Read more here.

  1. One Litre Of Fuel In Nigeria To Cost N462 Per Litre Without Subsidy? Unlikely

Regarding the recent claims by the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC)  about petrol, its price and subsidy, here’s a fact-check detailing how much the NNPC is paying as the subsidy on fuel price and how much the same fuel will cost without the subsidy. Findings show the NNPC’s figures are not accurate. Read the full fact check here.

  1. Is Lagos The Third Largest Economy In Africa As Shettima claims?

The Vice Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Kashim Shettima, claims that Lagos State is the third largest economy in Africa. FALSE! Our findings show Lagos is neither the third largest economy in Africa nor one of the top three business cities in Africa. Read it here.

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