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There is Going to be a Re-run of Kogi Senatorial Elections!

A Facebook user said Dino Melaye defeated Smart Adeyemi in the just concluded poll. 

While the video could neither be verified nor nullified, the results speak for themselves. The election was declared inconclusive consequent on the lead margin APC had over PDP, being less than the number of cancelled votes. And as a result, there will be a rerun.

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The Gubernatorial election of Kogi and Bayelsa state and the re-run of the Kogi West senatorial election- between Smart Adeyemi and Dino Melaye- took place last Saturday. The same day, this Facebook post- garnering 465 reactions, 240 comments and 1.8k shares- surfaced.

Also attached to the post is a video of Dino Melaye seen dancing; as well as a Saxophonist playing and few guys dancing with them. He went further to give figures of which he did not specify whether or not its for the whole Local Government or for just a registration area. 


Invid video analysis could not provide any duplicates- alluding to the fact that this could be a genuine video. Date of publication and other useful intel were absent as well. Additionally, reverse image search on video frame rates was unsuccessful.

We surmise the video- possibly genuine- was taken out of context; here’s why… 

Still… facts speak for themselves!

Regardless of the unverified or nullified nature of the video, the results speak for themselves. The All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate posted 80,118 votes. Conversely, the People’s Democratic Party Candidate (PDP) posted 59,548 votes. However, the Kogi West senatorial election held on Saturday was declared inconclusive by the returning officer, Professor Olayinde Lawal. This was consequent on the margin- 20570- between the APC and PDP candidates, being less than the number of cancelled votes. Importantly, reports recall there were about 43,127 registered voters in 53 polling units unaccounted for in the total results. This was owing to violence and election malpractice. It follows, if the margin was higher than the number of cancelled votes, then PDP- Dino Meleye– would not have had a case. But alas, they do.  

There is going to be a re-run in the affected areas

It is important to note that Professor Lawal- INEC returning officer said the election would be re-run for affected areas- 53 polling units.

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