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This Image of flooded poultry farm is not from Lagos

Claim: A Twitter user shared an image of a flooded poultry farm, claiming it is in Lagos State, Nigeria.

The image made its first appearance on the internet on a Bolivian website on April 26, 2021; hence, it is not related to the recent floods in Lagos. 

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During rainy seasons, there are usually reports of floods in Lagos and this year is no exception. The impact of the floods has been so devastating that Premium Times recently reported that seven people died in the Lagos flood.

On Twitter, TrackaNG shared pictures of Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba, Lagos, calling the attention of the government to the flood due to a poor drainage system.

Similarly, Punch Newspaper also reported that flood has taken over Okota Area in Lagos. This led to Twitter users sharing pictures of flooded areas in Lagos. A Twitter user, Larry (@doplarry), shared an image of a flooded poultry, claiming it is a flooded poultry farm in Lagos State.

“Someone’s poultry farm in Lagos,” he captioned.

The screenshot of the claim on Twitter

A Twitter user, TheDavidOyebode (_Daevids) in his comment to the picture expressed his dismay. “Omooo, this one is really bad,” he tweeted.

Another user, I am_Grant (daikman_1) tweeted, “Kai…this is so sad.”

A Twitter user, however, countered this claim.

“Dis isn’t Lagos, this is an old Picture and did not happen in lagos,” Olarenwaju (jimiroye1) tweeted.

The tweet has attracted more than 900 likes, 300 retweets, and 70 quote tweets.

A similar claim was made on Facebook by a page, Senior Man, which claimed that the picture is someone’s poultry farm in Lagos.

The screenshot of the post on Facebook

The contradicting views about this picture and its virality prompted DUBAWA to fact-check this claim.


DUBAWA carried out a reverse image search to verify the claim that the image is of a poultry farm in Lagos.

We found that the particular image had been on the internet since 2021. A Bolivian website, Los Tiempos has the image featured in a news report that the Bolivian Navy evacuated 30 families from the tropics affected by flood while there are two thousand hectares of damaged crops by flood caused by heavy rains in the municipalities of Chimoré and Puerto Villarroel, Bolivia on April 26, 2021.

The screenshot of the website

A Facebook page, Konkosah GH, also shared this image, saying it is a poultry farm in Kumasi, Ghana. The post dates back to June 25, 2021.

The screenshot of the post on Facebook


The particular image appeared on the internet in 2021 in Bolivia when some parts of Bolivia got flooded. It has nothing to do with the recent flooding in Lagos, Nigeria. Hence, this claim is false.

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