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True, urine left in bladder may cause infections

Claim: Urine left for long in the bladder can cause kidney infection, urinary tract infection, and other infections. 

True, urine left in the body for long can cause infections to the human body. 

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Sometimes,  people get busy and don’t urinate at the time they feel the urge but leave it till when the urge becomes unbearable. Are there dangers to this?

Recently, a blog posted a claim that urine left in the bladder for long creates bacteria that can lead to kidney infections ,urinary tract infections and other related diseases.

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An Infection is the “invasion and growth of germs in the body. The germs may be bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungi, or other microorganisms. Infections can begin anywhere in the body and may spread all through it. An infection can cause fever and other health problems, depending on where it occurs in the body.”

How true is this claim?


Dubawa conducted some research to know if there are possible  effects of not urinating when the urge to do so started. 

In some cases, holding in urine for too long can cause bacteria to multiply. This may lead to a urinary tract infection (UTI)”.

No research has shown that holding in urine for a long time causes UTIs, but  doctors advise that it should be avoided,  especially if a person has a history of frequent UTIs.

People who do not drink enough liquids may be more likely to develop a UTI because the bladder is not telling the body to urinate often enough. This can cause bacteria to spread through the urinary tract, leading to infection.

Holding in urine may cause kidney stones to form in people with a history of the condition, or people who have a high mineral content in their urine. Pee often contains minerals such as uric acid and calcium oxalate.

Experts Opinion 

 Dr Jemimah Abner of Surgery Department in State Specialist Hospital Gombe said urine left in the bladder for a very long time can cause UTI as well as affect the kidney.

“Studies show that the human urine in the bladder is sterile but may be colonized by small numbers of microorganisms. While the urethra is colonized with a large number of microorganisms. 

“UTI often occurs via the ascending route, where the micro-organisms from the urethra ascend into the bladder and would eventually affect the kidneys.

The risk of coming down with UTI is high in females due to the anatomy of the urethra; the urethra is shorter than that of males and its proximity to the vaginal and the perianal areas.

Abner added that retaining urine for long in the bladder can give room for these microorganisms to find their way into the bladder. But when one ensures he or she empties the bladder as frequently as possible, it helps eliminate some of these microorganisms from their hiding places.

“It’s important to pass urine frequently and avoid the habit of holding urine for a long time even when pressed.

It would not only stop at causing UTI but might eventually affect the kidneys,” she said. 

Mrs Elizabeth Adekoya, a health personnel  working with Doma Clinic in Gombe said leaving urine to stay for too long is harmful to the body. 

She added, ” it is bad to leave urine in the bladder especially for those having a history of infections as urine gives birth to bacteria. 


Urine left in the bladder can cause bacteria in the human body, thereby causing infection.  

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