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British Royal Family photo with Gambian boy doctored

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Claim: A Facebook post claimed that a Gambian boy had met the British Royal Family.

British Royal Family photo with Gambian boy doctored

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On May 16, 2024, What’s On Gambia, a popular online outlet in The Gambia, posted a picture of the British Royal Family with a Gambian boy who claimed to have met the Royal Family and expressed gratitude to the reception.

The video posted with the caption “Gambian boy meets the British Royal Family” generated over 1.3k comments, 16 shares, and 5.4k likes as of 18 May 2024.

“They were so nice. Very down-to-earth people. They know Serre Kunda, Banjul, Brikama, and Brusubi,” the boy said.

The comment section was inundated with different views, some suggesting the photo was real while others raised questions.

One Facebook user, Dawda Jallow-DJ said, “I can help you rearrange the photos better if you send them to me. This one has poor editing skills.”

Another user, Yahya Bojang, commented, “It’s wonderful to hear about positive interactions between people from different backgrounds. It sounds like they were genuinely interested in connecting with him personally, regardless of their royal status.”

“This is a great part of the Gambian history, and congratulations,” said Ebrima Badjan.

One Sanneh Tapha commented, “Take a good look at the photo, guys. Something is wrong. The smart ones will understand that I mean 😉😉”

Similar images of the royal family were manipulated by different people as seen here, here, and here.

DUBAWA decided to ascertain the picture’s validity, which is gaining popularity on social media.


A Google Reverse Image Search revealed that the picture of the British Royal Family has been manipulated several times.

DUBAWA sighted the original picture, as posted by Dr Christopher Thomas on May 12, 2023, without manipulation. 

A casual examination of the image of the Gambian boy shows that the picture has been superimposed on the photograph of the British Royal Family.

When DUBAWA checked major news and online platforms in The Gambia, there were no reports of the Gambian delegation visiting the British Royal family. 


The claim that a Gambian boy met the British Royal Family is fake; the picture was manipulated contrary to social media reports.

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