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The Information Disorder Analysis Centre (IDAC) is an initiative of Dubawa targeted specifically at unravelling the complexities and methodologies of Disinformation and public information consumption patterns, preferences and behaviours.

The goal of this effort is to proactively engage with and unearth disinformation campaigns and efforts to weaponize false information. The implication of IDAC is far-reaching and it will deliver a better understanding of political messaging, insurgency messaging and deliberately divisive messaging.

The IDAC project is research-driven and will also build knowledge around fact-checking efforts around the world starting of course with Dubawa Nigeria, Ghana, and Sierra Leone.


Doubting Covid-19 Data: An Analysis of Comments on NCDC Daily Tweets on Rising New Confirmed Cases

8 mins read Summary With the recent hike in the number of new covid-19 infections, there are concerns about a possible second wave. However, many believe...

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