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Five Recirculated Media Used Falsely In The Ongoing Russia/Ukraine Crisis

  1. Old Picture Of Palestinian Girl Shared To Depict Russia-Ukraine Conflict

A Facebook post has claimed that an 8-year-old Ukrainian girl confronted a Russian combatant, telling him to go back to his country. The picture of the alleged Ukrainian girl has been shared on the internet numerous times. It has been established that the image is from a video of a Palestinian girl, Ahed Tamimi and an Israeli soldier. Read the full fact check here.

  1. Old Photos Were Used To Depict Weapons Deployed By Russia In The Ongoing Crisis With Ukraine

Photos shared by a Twitter user allegedly show nuclear weapons deployed by Russia against Ukraine to start World War 3. However, findings show that the photos shared are old and have been in circulation before 2022. Read the full fact check here.

  1. Old Video Of US And Canadian Soldiers Used To Depict War In Ukraine

A user on Facebook shared a video of an acclaimed tug of war between Russian and Ukrainian soldiers amid the ongoing war, but this narrative is FALSE. The soldiers in the video are not Russian and Ukrainian, but Canadian and United States soldiers back in 2012.

Read the full fact check here.

  1. Old Picture Used To Depict Russia’s Attack On Ukraine

A user on Twitter claims the picture of a burning inflight jet was that of the 6th Russian aircraft downed by Ukraine. The picture has been online since 2014 and has been featured on different websites, under different narratives. Read the full fact check here.

  1. Video Of Missile Raids In Ukraine Is Not Recent

A viral video on WhatsApp showcases shells of missiles alleged to have been released by Russia into Ukraine. The WhatsApp claim is false as the viral footage was that of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in 2021. Read the full fact check here.

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