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Five Scholarship-Related Scams You Should Read

  1. Commonwealth Scholarship Programme 

A WhatsApp message claims to offer a scholarship through the 2022/2023 Commonwealth scholarship programme. DUBAWA checked and found scammers using malicious links in the guise of the Commonwealth Scholarship Programme to defraud online users. Read our fact check here.

  1. United Nations BSc, MSc, PhD Scholarships

A sponsored Facebook post claims the United Nations is offering fully funded BSc, MSc and PhD scholarships for international students to study in Canada, USA, Australia or Japan. DUBAWA’s fact check shows the claim is FALSE. Read it here.

  1. University of Oslo Scholarship

A viral message shared through WhatsApp claims Oslo University is offering a fully funded scholarship to study free in Norway. DUBAWA checked and found that the University did not offer the said scholarships. The message was fabricated to mislead. Read more here.

  1. 2021 Commonwealth Scholarships

A viral WhatsApp message urged Nigerians to apply for the 2021 Commonwealth Scholarship to study for free in the UK. Findings show that as of the time the claim was spreading,  the Commonwealth was offering fully funded scholarships, however,  the link attached to the claim for registration is a clickbait and the message is misleading. Read more here.

  1. Abu Dhabi University Scholarship

A viral WhatsApp message claimed Abu Dhabi University, Dubai, is offering fully funded scholarships in 2021. Findings show the website spreading this message is mischievous and had been reported for hacking, spam, and malware.

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