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Netiv Halev takes down Alexandra’s video on website after DUBAWA’s investigation

After DUBAWA’s investigation into the sophisticated chain of scams that used a 9-year-old girl as bait, the perpetrators, Nativ Halev, have taken down the emotional video of the girl (Alexandra) from their website

Alexandra’s video, formerly used as the “cover media” on the website, is no longer where it was hosted. 

The initial spot on the website formerly hosting Alexandra’s face

The initial video depicted Alexandra crying for help. “I don’t want to die,” she says as tears drizzled down her cheeks. She persuaded several unsuspecting members of the public to donate large sums of money, which DUBAWA last found to be around 700 thousand dollars. 

A screenshot showing the donation of $727,881 on the website 

The video has been sponsored on Facebook, YouTube, and Google Ads. Still, DUBAWA’s findings reveal that  Netiv Halev was recently created as a charity-run non-governmental organisation that assists medical patients and their families. 

Nigerians soon reacted to the scam, generally airing their disappointment and compassion for the little girl. However, DUBAWA’s investigations reveal that Alexandra is just one girl out of many girls used by the scheme as a decoy to lure donors. 

Alexandra (in the middle) alongside other girls used in the scheme
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