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The FactChecker – Five Fact Checks Debunking Popular Myths

Did India Beat Nigeria 99-1 In A Football Match?

Many Nigerians have heard about the legendary football match, the one between Nigeria and  India, where the latter allegedly beat Nigeria 99 to 1. That is India – 99, Nigeria – 1. Legend has it that before Nigeria scored its only goal, the balls turned into different creatures (fire, lion, stone), preventing the Nigerian team from kicking them. But did this match really happen? Click here to find out. 

Can A Thunderstorm Be Sent To Destroy A Person, Animal Or Thing Unnaturally? 

Many believe thunderstorms are often sent to destroy and serve as vengeance or sanction for a wrong deed. But what does science say? Find out here.

Is There A Link Between Okra Leaf And Hyperovulation?

A blog post by Healthy Living states that okra leaves can be used to boost one’s fertility and increase the ability to conceive twins or even triplets. How true is this? Find your answers here.

Is It Medically Proven That  Kolanut, Lime And Ginger Can Cure Menstrual Problems?

A Facebook blogger claims that using four pieces of kola nut mixed with ginger, garlic and lime water, when left to ferment for two days, can resolve menstrual problems. Is this true? Click here for facts.

Can You Develop Cancer From Eating From Plastic Containers?

A social media post claimed that American Doctors Association gave out a warning that eating food in plastic causes 52 types of cancer. Is this true? Click here to find out.

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