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The World Bank did not approve a Biafran currency

A video on YouTube claims that the  World Bank has finally approved the Biafran Currency

False: the world bank has not approved the Biafran currency and has confirmed this claim to be false alongside shreds of facts gathered by Dubawa. 

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A video on this YouTube channel ‘Biafra Generation’ claims that the world bank has approved the Biafran currency (what they termed as the Ejemme). 

The movement for the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) is not entirely new to most Nigerians and especially those in the eastern part of the country. Perhaps, this was what made the video to spoon over 16,300 Views, 444 likes, and over 78 comments from different persons, expressing varied opinions. For example, a comment by one viewer seems to question the veracity of the claim:

“Why all these nonsense misinformation on  YouTube?.Can you all stop these gabbage propaganda news that is being posted every minute by many people in the disguise interest of Biafra.I have no problem seeking to make money from You Tube but your approach is isn’t  healthy.”_Uche Ozoemelam

However, some other comments appear to support the claim. For instance, Oliver Akobundu who wrote:

“I thank God the truth continues to come out. Yes my grand parents and my Ikwuano people called it Ojomma and not Ejemma. Pls let Mazi know about it. You can also ask Ihieagwa people in imo state it’s Ojomma. All hail Biafra.”

Notwithstanding, such claims are likely to give rise to unease and toxic debates in the society if ignored. As a result, Dubawa embarked on scrutinizing the claim.


Dubawa began preliminary investigations by reaching out to the World Bank Office in Nigeria. In response,  via an Email, the World Bank confirmed the information to be false, further asserting  that The World Bank Group is not responsible or associated in any way with the referenced video or any claim of such.”

Also, this is not the first time Dubawa confirmed news from this same claimant to be false. In this case, the claimant blatantly declared that the World Bank has approved the Biafran Currency, without making reference to a source or quotation. Dubawa has also contacted the claimant several times with no response so far.

Information about the claim has not appeared in any of the mainstream media.


The world bank has not approved the Biafran currency, and this claim remains an empty statement with no link to reality.

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