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Turkish dish falsely used to depict Abuja’s stolen male organs

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Claim: Male organs “stolen” in Abuja and Lokoja were sold in dollars as meat.

Turkish dish falsely used to depict Abuja’s stolen male organs

Verdict: The image used to depict the narrative illustrates a Turkish traditional delicacy called “Şırdan.” This food has no ties to Nigeria and is not linked to the alleged stolen organ incidents in Abuja and Lokoja. The claim is misleading.

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The authenticity of the narratives surrounding organ theft continues to spark controversy in Nigeria, with DUBAWA having previously debunked claims on this subject. 

Recently, there have been reports of male organ theft in various parts of the FCT, Kogi, and Nasarawa, leading to mob attacks on suspected perpetrators. Despite some fatalities, a few individuals have also fortunately been rescued by the police. Following investigations, the police have refuted organ theft claims, urging the public to refrain from spreading false alarms.

After the police warning, Rashidat Yusuf, a Facebook user, asserted in a post that male organs “stolen” in Abuja and Lokoja were allegedly sold as meat for dollars. She shared a photo of meats in a big pot, purportedly resembling male genitals. A man in the same picture seemed to be dishing the meal on a plate.

She wrote, “Abuja and Lokoja men, please be careful ohh! So they don’t exchange your machines with dollars. Nothing this oyibo people nor fit chop. See all the missing machines here na.”

When some users like Aminat Yusuf, Aminat Attah, and Promise Amachagi questioned the genuineness of her claim in the comment section, Ms. Yusuf maintained her stance, insisting that “pictures don’t lie.”

Turkish dish falsely used to depict Abuja’s stolen male organs
The image is attached to Ms. Yusuf’s Facebook post.

Given the assertive nature of Ms Yusuf’s claim, DUBAWA conducted this fact-check to set the records straight.


We performed a Google Reverse Image Search on the attached picture, revealing many similar images linked to a renowned Turkish dish known as “Şırdan.”

Şırdan is prepared with the stomachs of ruminant animals and is a popular delicacy in Turkey. The preparation involves stuffing a sheep’s abomasum (lower stomach) with a blend of rice, chopped meat, onions, tomatoes, chili pepper, salt, pepper, oil, and seasoning. After sewing the open cavity with a needle and thread, the dish is boiled on low heat and served. Remarkably, when ready, this meal assumes a distinctive shape reminiscent of a male reproductive organ.

Şırdan is an old traditional recipe of Adana, one of the most populous cities in Turkey. Just like Nigerians’ Suya, this street food is mostly sold by local sellers in the evening. 

YouTube videos by Yemekturkiyecom and Milliyiyici further give a breakdown of its preparation process.


Our findings prove that the displayed image is unrelated to Nigeria and has no connection to the reported missing organ incidents in Abuja and Lokoja. Rather, it showcased a Turkish traditional delicacy known as “Şırdan.” Hence, Ms Yusuf’s claim is misleading.

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