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Websites promising WHO’s 500 Euros, 5O,000 election committee jobs are fraudulent

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Claim: Two sets of viral WhatsApp messages claim two different offers: the first offering 50,000 temporary Jobs and the second with a WHO logo promising 500 Euros.

Both claims – one offering election committee jobs and the other 500 Euros WHO fund are fraudulent and completely fake.


A viral WhatsApp message which keeps resurfacing the app’s group chats, carrying the logo of the World Health Organization (WHO), claims to offer 500 Euros to people who participated in a pool of relevant data submission. The link attached to the claim asks people to click and progress to the next stages as they fill the questionnaire which asks various questions on business.. 

The first click on the link takes users to a session that congratulates them on their selection to receive a support from the WHO which would qualify them to receive 500 Euros and brings forth subsequent questions that will further request detailed information from them.

The second claim which is the promise of a 50,000 temporary election committee jobs also has a link attached that takes participants through various stages of questioning and then asks participants to share the message to ten or more people to be ultimately eligible for the prize. It has a broader message of JOBS OPPORTUNITIES 2021 and requests applications from young people across the country.


The so-called WHO COVID-19 website that claims to offer money to participants online has been carefully verified by Dubawa and all the results have proven it to be fake. The website attached to the claim “” was analyzed by Dubawa using the ScamDoc tool and the results from the analysis reveals that the domain scored 1% on Trust Score and that is interpreted as a very bad trust score. The analysis further states that the domain name is a very recent one-less than six months and categorized as short life expectancy domain.

ScamDoc finally stated that the domain name is linked to one or more countries known for being used by fraudulent websites. These revelations confirm that the website is a fraudulent website and participation in the process brings no benefit to participants but rather exposes them to internet fraudsters.

The domain has a Like of over 200,000 and a comment box with messages from people claiming to have received the money. This is all part of the process of trying to authenticate a fake process. Moreover, the World Health Organization has strongly condemned  fake news and the overall infodemic challenge during this pandemic and does not give out money in this fashion as claimed by this domain.

The Election Committee job claim had its domain equally checked on ScamDoc and the “” domain looks authentic but further probe into the additional links gives a 4% trust score which is also a very bad trust score and concludes that the is also linked to one or more countries known for being used by fraudulent websites. The link on first click will take you to a page that claims to give Le 50,000-200,000 daily but at the end of the process states that they “may need many reporters across India”.  

The domain which promises stipend in Sierra Leonean Currency is at the end of the process needing reporters across India. This 50,000 temporary election committee job offer does not state any specific country and any particular election. It is, therefore, misleading..


As convincing as they may appear, the two websites with the bogus claims have been thoroughly investigated by Dubawa using standard verification tools and analysis, and the results have all proven that they are fake and totally misleading.

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