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Beware! FoodCo not offering anniversary cash to customers

Claim: A link shared many times on many WhatsApp groups claims that as part of its 40th anniversary, FoodCo Nigeria is offering cash rewards up to 30,000 to its customers. 

Beware! FoodCo not offering anniversary cash to customers

The company does not have any programme offering any such rewards. The claim is a bait by scammers to fleece members of the public. 

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A link, which surfaced recently,  has a claim that FoodCo Nigeria, a consumer goods retail chain, is giving people up to 30,000 in cash purportedly to celebrate its 40th anniversary. 

Beware! FoodCo not offering anniversary cash to customers
Screenshot of the fake site

The link has been shared multiple times on WhatsApp, asking members of the public to visit the website to fill out a survey and share to at least five (WhatsApp) groups and 20 friends as a condition to receiving the thirty thousand naira cash. 

Beware! FoodCo not offering anniversary cash to customers
The condition to share before reward


This researcher visited the website of the company, FoodCo to ascertain the veracity of the promotion. The twitter account FoodCo Nigeria showed no indication or information regarding any offer of cash to customers or members of the public. 

A check on the company’s Facebook Page did not yield any post to that effect. In fact, on Thursday, 9 September 2021, the company put out a caveat about the promotion, stating that it is fake.

Beware! FoodCo not offering anniversary cash to customers
FoodCo responds on Facebook

An Inquiry sent to WhatsApp number +2349065050081 as seen on FoodCo Nigeria website also elicited a related message. It stated that the link and its content should be ignored. 

This researcher reached out to the company through an email address care@foodco.ng available  on its website. 

A repondent named Adenike replied to an enquiry sent to the mail address care@foodco.ng. The message reads in part: 

“Our attention has been drawn to the website purportedly offering cash 

rewards for FoodCo’s 40th Anniversary, please disregard as it is a scam. 

Please be informed that FoodCo Nigeria Limited is not organizing such 

promo at this time.

We do not promote such fraudulent activities.”


FoodCo Nigeria has disclaimed the promotion link  about offering customers cash. Therefore, it is a fake website. It is a trap set for unsuspecting members of the public by scammers.

The researcher produced this fact-check per the Dubawa 2021 Kwame KariKari Fellowship partnership with Splash FM to facilitate the ethos of “truth” in journalism and enhance media literacy in the country.

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