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#FALSE! Video Featuring Army Personnel In Altercation With Police Is Not Recent!

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CLAIM: An alleged “recent” video showcases an altercation between an army official and a policeman. 

FALSE: The exact origin of this video cannot be categorically stated although extensive search indicates this video originated sometime in 2018. However, what is certain is that it definitely did not originate in 2019.


A recent viral video showcasing an altercation between army officials and policemen has been trending on various social media platforms. Professor Chidi Odinkalu is perhaps one of the most prominent influencers to share this. His tweet garnered over 42K views, 901 retweets and 842 likes at the time this fact check was conducted.

The video featured a police officer with a torn uniform in a serious brawl with an army official. Several parties from both sides tried to intervene either by separating the fight or providing backup. Another police officer was shown shooting into the air apparently in a bid to separate the fighting people but still of no avail.

According to some people in the comment section, the video alludes to a 2014 incident which was resolved.

This post comes at a time when tensions are high between both parties and the timing is not a coincidence. The killing of three policemen in Taraba state is brought to mind. The policemen  were apparently transporting a kidnap kingpin into custody when they were killed by soldiers. This is perhaps the foundation for the unrest between the two forces; as the soldiers were accused of killing policemen and setting free a known criminal. However, the kidnap kingpin was re-arrested some days ago by the police.


While it may be difficult to accurately ascertain the authenticity of videos, determining the date of posting is feasible and very useful.

An extensive search on YouTube and the internet, revealed the 9 May, 2018 as the initial date of posting. It was posted by Omojesu Mark and titled “Army and police clash in Lagos.”

Hotspot Nigerian forum, a fellow YouTube channel posted this as well the following day. It had the title: “Nigerian police vs Nigerian soldiers engage in serious brutal fight at Ijora 7up, Lagos.” Several other iterations have ensued since.


The video definitely did not originate in 2019. It is essentially disinformation intended to spread fear amidst growing concerns of unrest between the two parties; and as such, should be disregarded!

This fact-check was done by a Dubawa Fact-checking Fellow in collaboration with The Nation, the second-most-read newspaper in Nigeria according to a 2011 report by The Advertisers’ Association of Nigeria. To see this article and others, click here.

Justina Asishana is the Niger state correspondent for The Nation Newspaper, Nigeria's foremost nationwide daily and online newspaper. Justina has previously worked at the New Nigerian newspaper and Daily Newswatch newspaper as the Niger state correspondent. She is an upcoming data and investigative journalist who has just discovered how to use data and data related tools for better reporting. She has done some investigative reporting for her media organization, The Nation Newspaper, the International Center for Investigative Reporting (ICIR), and the Wole Soyinka Center for Investigative Journalism (WSCIJ). She covers all sectors as a state correspondent. She was recently inducted as a Dubawa Fellow which is a fact checking fellowship to combat misinformation in the state and nation; she is the 2019 ONE Champion in Niger state and was the ICFJ 2018 Safety Fellow. Ms Justina is not afraid to explore new subjects and topics as she is always open and ready to learn new things in the field of journalism. She loves to read, write, explore the internet, travel, network, experiment with data tools and advocate for the rights of the people.

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