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Seven falsehoods attributed to famous musicians in 2023

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As fans avidly consume news, social media updates, and online narratives, the lines between reality and fabrication keep blurring. Also, as the digital age continues to reshape our information landscape, the symbiotic relationship between celebrity culture and misinformation is becoming increasingly pronounced.

This confluence of fame and deceit raises questions about the vulnerability of public perception. It highlights the broader impact of false information in an era characterised by the swift spread of news.

In this article, DUBAWA navigated murky waters, exploring seven instances where falsehoods clung to the reputations of musical icons in 2023.

  1. Viral haircut video of Mohbad’s corpse
Seven falsehoods attributed to famous musicians in 2023
 Ilerioluwa Aloba. Photo source: Instagram.

The circumstances surrounding the sudden death of Ilerioluwa Aloba, widely known as Mohbad, sparked a nationwide debate on Sept. 12, 2023. Amidst the controversy, the police exhumed Mohbad’s body for autopsy. During this period, a circulated clip purportedly depicted Mohbad’s corpse undergoing a haircut in preparation for a second burial.

We found out that at the time this video was circulating, Mohbad’s autopsy had just been concluded, and no official results had been announced. In addition, his body had not been released for reburial; the claim is proved to be false.

DUBAWA conducted comprehensive fact-checks on various claims related to Mohbad’s death. You can read about them in this archive.

  1. An American rapper with spider-shaped toes
Seven falsehoods attributed to famous musicians in 2023
Image of Daylyt. Photo source: Instagram.

Davone Campbell, the California-based battle rapper, also known as Daylyt, made a surprising revelation on Facebook. He claimed to possess legs with toes unusually long and shaped like the fingers of a hand. The “controversial” rapper shared multiple pictures showcasing this unique condition to emphasise his narrative.

While the medical condition he mentioned, Arachnodactyly, exists, DUBAWA’s forensic investigations uncovered that Daylyt does not have such a condition. 

The pictures he used in his posts were found to be doctored, leading to the conclusion that his claim is false. For further details, explore our in-depth coverage of this matter. 

  1. Wizkid’s free bus at London concert
Seven falsehoods attributed to famous musicians in 2023

Wizkid. Photo source: Kwaku Alston.

On July 29, 2023, Wizkid, the Nigerian music sensation, made history by hosting a concert at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, United Kingdom—the first African artist to achieve such a feat. 

However, in the aftermath of this event, a Facebook user named Emmy Starr claimed that Wizkid had filled the venue by busing in “random people from the streets of London” due to alleged difficulties in selling tickets.

This assertion, upon investigation, was proven to be false. We uncovered that the photo used to support the claim was sourced from a blog post and manipulated by incorporating Wizkid’s image. Dive deeper into the details here.

  1. Justin Bieber’s death hoax
Seven falsehoods attributed to famous musicians in 2023
Justin Bieber. Photo source: Fandom. 

Also, in July 2023, Enny Omolara took to Facebook to assert that the renowned Canadian singer, Justin Bieber, had met his demise in a ghastly accident that occurred the preceding month in Los Angeles.

Contrary to this claim, our investigations revealed a different reality. The link provided with this assertion turned out to be a deceptive tactic, redirecting users to a betting website. It was yet another instance of a death hoax. Delve into the specifics of our findings for more information.

  1. Naira Marley as NDLEA ambassador
Seven falsehoods attributed to famous musicians in 2023
Azeez Fasola. Photo Source: Daily Trust.

On Aug. 17, 2023, Azeez Fasola, known as Naira Marley, made a notable appearance at the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) headquarters. In a 26-second clip, he lent his voice to the anti-drug abuse campaign, discouraging youths from engaging in such behaviours. 

This initiative, however, sparked outrage across various platforms as users questioned the alignment of the singer’s controversial lifestyle with the responsibilities of an ambassador for the NDLEA.

Our findings revealed no official pronouncement or ceremonial conferment of ambassadorial status on Mr Fasola by the NDLEA. The misinterpretation arose from social media users, leading to the misconception that Naira Marley had been appointed NDLEA ambassador. 

Explore the details of our investigation for a more comprehensive understanding.

  1. Timaya acquiring 20 house units at once
Seven falsehoods attributed to famous musicians in 2023
Timaya. Photo source: Legit.

A Facebook user, ChinekeBoy Updates, claimed that Nigerian singer Timaya Odon had acquired 20 house units in Terrace Empire, totalling N2 billion. The announcement, made on Sept. 4, 2023, emphasised the rarity of such a purchase, stating that most individuals save for years to buy a single unit, while the multi-award-winning singer secured 20 simultaneously.

However, our findings unveiled a different story. The actual owner of the house units is Chibuzo Azubuike, Phyno, another accomplished musician famously known as Phyno. Read more about it here.

  1. Korede Bello quitting music for police job
Seven falsehoods attributed to famous musicians in 2023
Korede Bello. Photo source: Daily Post.

A Facebook group, “Ebira Icon,” shared a post asserting that Korede Bello had abandoned his music career to join the Police Force. Intrigued by this claim, we conducted a thorough examination. Our investigation revealed that the photograph depicting him in a police uniform was captured in 2018 when he was honoured as an ambassador.

Similar to numerous other claims, this, too, turned out to be false. Read more about our findings here.

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